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All Slots casino Review

In this article you will learn how to start playing at All Slots Casino and how to choose a game house for yourself. Technological progress does not stop surprising us with new developments and sensations and that affects every industry. The gaming and gambling industry is also no exception. Every new online casino in Germany has its own functions and offers and sometimes it is very difficult for visitors to choose a suitable game house.

For our visitors, we have made a small list of online casinos on our website so that they can better familiarize themselves with our suggestions.


To start a game, you have to select one of the live casinos on all-slots-casino.de and register there. For this you usually use an email or an account on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. You also need to come up with a secure password so that someone else cannot hack your account. We recommend using upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols (but it is also important that you can remember your password yourself).

After doing that, you can choose certain games. It depends on you which games suit you best – card games, online roulette or for example slot machines and slots. All-Slots-Casino guarantees that there are games to suit everyone.

We would like to introduce some online casinos, partners of all-slots-casino.de, to your attention. These are verified and secure online playhouses where players don’t have to worry about security and data protection, All Slots guarantees that!

In 2020, the All-Slots-Casino portal starts a close cooperation with renowned rating sites for online casinos in Germany , which carry out an in-depth market research regarding games of chance and publish their results as open source. The creation of selection criteria and evaluation methods for online casinos are the main topics of our successful cooperation. Through the use of our detailed rating approach and the strict selection of partners, our ratings and ratings are even suitable for demanding players.


To do this, after registering, the player has to select the following game mode – the real money game. For this you need to connect your gaming account with a bank card and make a deposit. The minimum deposit size differs in different casino slots, but it’s usually around $ 5-10. The good thing is that you will also win real money in the end result and can put it on your bank card. This distinguishes this game mode from the game for virtual money or on virtual chips

How to play slots machine for free?

You can select the “for virtual money” mode at any time. There is no “either” and “or”, you can play for real and virtual money at the same time. As I said, to start such a game, you have to do the same actions as in real money mode. This variant is well suited for training and you cannot lose your money here. While that’s good, it has a huge disadvantage – you can’t win any money either! But only you decide which game regimes to choose.

Are there mobile versions in AllSlotCasino?

Most playhouses have a mobile version of the slots and games that you offer. All Slots mobile casino is no exception either! You can either download the applications and apps from the website of the casinos offered, or search for the apps on PlayMarket for Android and AppleStore on iOS, it’s up to you! Download the mobile version of online slots to your mobile phone, tab or other gadget and install it. You will see for yourself how useful it is because you can play on the go, regardless of the country you are in. The main thing – there is a stable internet connection

How can players get bonuses in All Slots?

A bonus is a price that the casino pays out to players online. There are many types of bonuses, but the most common is the welcome bonus. You get it when you started the game for real money and made a deposit in a certain amount. For example, the player can double their deposit (that’s called a 100% bonus), or get a certain percentage of the deposit (for example, if you deposit $ 100, you’ll get an additional $ 20 into your account if that’s a 20 % bonus is). Bonuses can only be gotten for real money during the game, be careful when choosing game mode.

Can I get the opportunity to play slot games for free without registration?

The answer is – yes! But if you play games without signing up, you lose the privilege of wagering money. Because as mentioned above – to deposit and withdraw money, you have to enter the number of your bank card and verify your identity . But if you just want to choose this game variant for training, that’s OK. This way you can get to know the game better and decide which game suits you the most. We wish you good luck!

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